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Finishing designer: Rosa Cespedes.


Photos and videos are art forms that allow you to express yourself in many ways. My photos reflect abstract mystery, symbolism, narrative, joy and love. Mystery arouses curiosity and questions in the viewer. It is like stopping the silence of time for a moment.

“Beauty and artistry have been important to me throughout my life. I enjoy making and designing art every day. Two things brighten up my life: rational spirituality and beauty and positivity. I also create mysterious art, where I use my own symbols and meanings. My symbols always relate to beauty and love. I make naive artworks both digitally and by painting. Abstract, realistic and naive art as well as mixed techniques and surrealism are my specialty.”

Banneri de Rosa2.jpg

How do I create?
Photography and digital art.

In addition to oil and acrylic paintings, I create unique and high-quality images using artificial intelligence and digital drawing software. I start by designing the image as a whole and writing it in detail to Bing so that I can realize my vision. Then I add details and make corrections to the image digitally and finish it by adding resolution, accuracy and clarity. If there is something in the picture that I am not satisfied with, I fix and edit it with my own vision. 

“All images are my own original production and their use without my permission is prohibited.”

“I also combine my own paintings with digital art images, where I have used oil, EMO fabric and acrylic paints as well as gold leaf and sand.”

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