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Terry Laakso

Terry Laakso was born in Turku in 1965. Today he is a respected, new self-developed sea-mixed-sand style artist. Terry developed an art style in Spain, using genuine, carefully screened Atlantic ocean sand in his oil paintings.

He hardens the sand for artwork, a recipe that he has developed, with ingredients from Lapland ( Finland ) and Spain. Terry Laakso is an experienced and recognized artist. He learned the basic skills of setting painting as a student of the famous Jan Palmu (brother of Juhani Palmu), but already in the late 1980s he painted according to his own technique.


At an early stage, Terry Laakso focused on settlements that sprang from history, saturation and love. In the 1990s, Terry Laakso first moved to Spain and then to Mexico. These cultures were visible in his work and art.


The paintings by Terry Laakso, where flowers, vines and berries and glass glow with their authenticity, have aroused admiration around the world.

Terry Laakso became aware of the whole of Finland already in the late 1980s. There are several TV documents and programs about Terry Laakso.

There are also making several introducing about Terry Laakso art in newspapers. In 1993, Terry Laakso's work "Sunflowers" was requested by the Finnish State for art collections and placed in the President's office in Mäntyniemi. Terry Laakso handed over the work in November 1993.


In addition to painting, Terry Laakso has composed music in the 21st century and worked as a video artist. He has made video works for example. a famous Spanish flamenco dancer and producer David Morales.


Terry Laakso painted remarkable works of art in the early 2000s Turku Castle and ships.


Something about his appreciation is also the fact that he was the sponsor of Henri Karjalainen and former formula-1 world champion Keke Rosberg in the formula Adac series.


At the turn of the century, Terry Laakso developed his popular naive style, his works were presented in his exhibitions all around in Finland. 2018 Terry Laakso developed a completely new art, Sea-mixed-sand painting.


These works are found in value homes, among others from China, USA, Spain and Finland. Painting and finishing the Terry Sea-Mix-Sand style boards takes about ten times longer than normal oil paintings, due to the technical features of the new style.

The works have undergone such a complicated manufacturing process that it is impossible to falsify them. Terry Laakso's new artworks have been certified through the French Art Certificate company. Laakso is also the only Finn whos artworks is an annual International Contemporary Artist Catalog. The catalog presents the works of 61 European top painters.

Art exhibitions and events since the 1980s.

Terry Laakso Artist
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