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Rosa Cespedes

Artist Rosa Cespedes

Art With Love For You

I am Rosa Cespedes, a Caribbean artist. I myself studied fine art for many years, studying the different subjects and mediums of it through years of independent art education.

Since I started in the field of professional art in 2017, I have shown my work in Spain and in an art gallery in Finland. I have also lived in Spain for 8 years and in Finland for three years.

I paint with acrylic and oil colors and have developed my own priming compound from sand and canvas and papers.

I create paintings through inspiration to bring peace and tranquility into your life. All the beauty and positivity that can be found in our land, I love them and their creator.

Events and art exhibitions 2023

Art exhibition: July-August 2023
Art Center Ten Art ideapark Lempäälä, Finland. 

International Art Catalog 2023 and French Art Magazine 2023

French Art Magazine 2023.PNG
Taide-Katalogi 2023.jpg

To be published on January 15, 2023

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